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Oasis Orb – Your Personal Gardening Sanctuary

The Oasis Orb is your personal sanctuary and gardening space. Walk into the Oasis Orb and relax, chat with a friend, meditate or garden to your heart’s content. In a mere moment, it gives you the ability to immerse yourself in nature where you can enjoy the beautiful sights, scents and sounds.
Occupying an area of only 50 square feet, the Oasis Orb structure provides up to 115 square feet of growing space and covers a ground footprint of only 13 square feet.

The Oasis Orb can be installed indoors or outdoors including backyards, decks, apartment and hotel lobbies, rooftops and other commercial spaces where a natural peaceful setting or access to fresh produce is desired. Parks and Community Centres are the perfect place for the Oasis Orb to take centre stage as an art piece and supply residents with the bounty of their harvest.
Every Oasis Orb is hand crafted with great care and precision utilizing only the highest quality materials.

Visit OasisOrb.com for more information.

Our Business Philosophy

To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.


Lightworks is a light therapy device utilizing various pulse frequencies and colours of light.

Water Ozonator

A water ozonator uses electricity to generate ozone gas ( O3 ) which when infused into the water is beneficial to reduce bacteria and oxygenate water. Used by many to aid in maintaining health.


This lantern was custom designed to be solar charged for use in regions without electrical power. It was built to be rugged and durable for use in all environments. The lantern not only provides multiple levels of light intensity and could also be used as a source of energy to charge other low power devices.


This pad device was designed to utilize a specialized human interface method which provided a faster method of data entry into the device.


A large blow moulded plastic brick that allows children to build structures of their own design. Measuring approximately 12″ X 6″ X 6″, children can assemble these bricks into full size structures that allow endless creativity and fun.


This custom table was made from stainless steel with a glass top. It was designed to offer the ability to display items within the table beneath the glass surface.

Solar Rack

This solar rack is assembled with components made from aluminum. It is a bolt together assembly and requires no welding. It can be shipped flat packed in little space and easily assembled onsite. If offers the ability to adjust elevation angle to achieve maximum solar gain throughout the seasons.

Knife Light

This light attaches to the blade of any knife allowing the user to see their work more effectively in dark environments.


This custom gardening hoe offers the ability to exchange the blades in order to best suit the conditions and requirements of the job.The angle of the handle can be adjusted for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Trailer Dolly

Electric powered trailer dolly designed to easily move heavy trailers.

Solar Cooker

This compact but powerful solar cooker was designed to utilize an evacuated glass tube as a means to absorb and retain solar heat for cooking. It can quickly to heat to 500 deg F and will hold the heat for a long time which makes it great when the odd cloud comes over. It will cook a wide range of food throughout all seasons of the year.

E803 Collimation Ratio

This device is the ASTM E-803. It is used as the standard method for determining the effective collimation ratio or L/D ratio of neutron radiography beams.

Neutron Collimator

A neutron collimator is installed near the core of a nuclear reactor and serves to focus neutrons into the desired beam shape. This collimator is over 9 feet in length and weighing near 1000 lbs. Shown here as a section view.

Neutron Sensitivity Indicator

The ASTM E-545 Neutron Sensitivity Indicator is a tiny but very complex device to fabricate. It measures only 1″ X 1″ square and is an assembly of more than 20 components. Some components are only .0005″ thick while others contain holes of .005″ diameter. Fabrication requires very precise tooling and accurate process control.

Neutron Shutter

The challenge was to design an automated, yet fail safe mechanism which opens and closes a path of a neutron beam used in neutron radiography imaging.
This device weighing in at 1500 lbs sits at the outer wall of a nuclear reactor pool near the core of the reactor. Similar in concept to a camera shutter, it functions by rotating the 24″ diameter drum of shielding materials 180 degrees into position to allow the neutron beam to pass through unobstructed. As the drum rotates back to vertical it blocks the neutron beam from passing through.

Sensor Linear Slide

This linear slide frame assembly was designed and built to perform ultrasonic scanning of drywall as it rolls along the fabrication line. This device provided real time data for thickness and porosity.


A custom heavy duty anvil used by professional blacksmiths.

CNC Router

A small but powerful custom CNC router / engraver. Designed to be used in high volume light duty manufacturing environment. Capable of simple contouring and complex 3d surfacing.


This high current relay assembly was designed for a custom application. Components are assembled onto a PCB then installed into the moulded housing, and finally filled with a potting compound to seal the unit.


This valve assembly is used to quickly release helium from a small canister. The valve is utilized on an emergency position marker device.


A custom formed brass tube used in a dentistry application.


A sheet metal engine exhaust duct for a custom application.

Test Fixture

Test fixture utilizing standard pogo pins to contact a custom printed circuit board. Used to test and calibrate an electronic device.